Wednesday, August 17, 2005

End transmission.

Summer's pretty much over. People are going off to college. Glenn's going off to Syracuse to become a media mogul, don't know what anyone else is doing. I'm going off to UConn to become an even bigger nerd than I am now (and help a friend with his movie that he's working on), but if that doesn't work, I'll probably try to join Glenn and learn about the airwaves.

We shot part of Home Alone, but not enough to create anything worthwhile. Maybe we'll get to it sometime during a break, maybe we won't. Theres a few ideas floating around, but theyre just that, floating. Whether we'll have time on our breaks to get to it (or anything else) is another story. Things may happen here and there, but don't expect much more from us.

Thanks to those who watched our videos (they'll stay on Ourmedia as long as its around). We'll see you around.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Coming up next on Team Zakk Films...

Summer is here. What does this mean? Easy: More sick movies! We're going to try to crank out quite a few before we all go our separate ways in September for college. Who knows? Maybe in 2006 we'll have a reunion special.

Anyways, we're tossing around a few ideas. First off, Home Alone 6. This is definitely going to happen, since it's been pretty well written by Glenn, Pete Mutino, and Nick Schaefer (note: we use word written very loosely around here). After that, we're probably going to do another Nick Schaefer Teaches, depending if he's available.

In short, this should be the summer of Ill, especially if Ill Mitch gets around to releasing his new album.


Thursday, June 09, 2005

Behind The Breakup: The Jitters

Why haven't we posted anything in awhile? Because we've been working on this for a long time. Its about 18 minutes long, and rocks hard. It's about what a breakup of the famous Darien band The Jitters would be like. So download it and laugh hard.

Download from Ourmedia (kinda slow-ish)

Watch at Google Video (faster)

Monday, May 16, 2005

How Not To Get Smallpox

Yet another how-to, we did this in lieu of another small project for class. Its still funny, but it's not as long as the other films.

How Not To Get Smallpox

Thursday, April 28, 2005

How To Rob A Convenience Store

The first in the Nick Schaefer Teaches series, it shows how to successfully rob a convenience store.

Note for the uninitiated
"Dillie" is the nickname for Geoffrey Dilenscheider, a senior who graduated from Darien High last year, and was the sketchiest person in school. There are a comical number of stories about him, most of which are unfit for publishing in this forum. He had two poetry books published, Between Two Junes Is A Forest, and A Boy Aware. The Amazon ratings say it all.

Download at OurMedia (slow-ish)

Watch at Google Video (lot faster)

Ill Movie

The first film by Team Zakk Studios, its a film about a group of high school students and the actions that they take against the generic assistant high school principal.

Ill Movie


Welcome to Team Zakk films. I'm Ryan Green, the nerd that edits all the videos and posts them out on the internet for all to see. They're perfectly encoded for the PSP, so all you have to do is download them, no conversion necessary.

What are our movies?
They're short films (no longer than 10 minutes) that we make for our video class, and for fun. They're ridiculously funny, and well-done.

How often do you update?
When we churn out a new project every week, and I'll release it on Sunday night so that you can download it and have it for your commute the next day. I've got enough stuff stacked up on my hard drive here that I can release a new video every week for awhile, so don't worry.

What format is it?
It's a .mov file in H.264. BIG NOTE Right now, only people with Quicktime 7 will be able to watch the files. I just found out that the PSP doesn't like it, so i'm re-encoding, and I will have good files up soon.

How big are they?
Videos are typically 30-50 MB in size, so that 32 MB stick that came w/ your PSP won't cut it. Pick up a 512 stick, or even better, a 1 gig stick. I'm going to be messing with bitrates soon to see how low I can get it and still keep a high quality, with a goal of 20-40 MB for each episode.

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