Wednesday, August 17, 2005

End transmission.

Summer's pretty much over. People are going off to college. Glenn's going off to Syracuse to become a media mogul, don't know what anyone else is doing. I'm going off to UConn to become an even bigger nerd than I am now (and help a friend with his movie that he's working on), but if that doesn't work, I'll probably try to join Glenn and learn about the airwaves.

We shot part of Home Alone, but not enough to create anything worthwhile. Maybe we'll get to it sometime during a break, maybe we won't. Theres a few ideas floating around, but theyre just that, floating. Whether we'll have time on our breaks to get to it (or anything else) is another story. Things may happen here and there, but don't expect much more from us.

Thanks to those who watched our videos (they'll stay on Ourmedia as long as its around). We'll see you around.